I bought two disposable cameras off amazon and carried them around in my purse for a couple months. During those months I did ALOT. I went out with Ally and Erin, ate dinner with RJ at Dennys, went to play at the Guthrie (Vanessa and Mom pic) went down to Iowa State to visit Ben and Molly, went to My Favorite Murder with Vanessa and Erin (her Erin, not mine. Everyone should have one they’re great), had dinner with Taylor. Then I hopped down to Kansas to hang out with the kiddos (some great photography skills on their end) and then over to Lawrence to see Sully and Elena, where we got nine free Bud Light tall boys and made a pyramid. Also feat. Phoebe the pig and Bi dabbing. All in all, an awesome couple months and even more fun to relive all of it months later when I finally got these developed.